I loved writing in school and always dreamed of being a romance writer. The pre-internet publishing world appeared complicated and intimidating, so I buried my romance writing dreams for a practical college education and career.

Two years ago I found fan fiction - what a wonderful way to practice writing. After posting a number of stories on a variety of sites, I decided to retire. I was ready to "play" with characters of my own creation. I decided to take a variety of writing classes to hone my skills and enrich my writing with interesting topics.

This year I'm committed to writing everyday. I've recently completed a short story via a savvyauthor.com open call prep course. What a great class! I got primo feedback from my fellow writers and teacher. Plus I got the gentle kick in the ass to get out there a submit a story.

Well, this little birdie is ready to jump out the nest. Wish me luck!
I lost my brother to suicide sixteen years ago. He was a senior in high school and nineteen years old. Over time I've dealt with the guilt and grief and am a strong supporter of suicide prevention organizations. I'm a monthly contributer to The Trevor Project, a wonderful group that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth.

To learn more about The Trevor Project, here is a link.